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NOW FEATURING vDosPlus XyWrite installer version 3.11 (based on vDosPlus build 2017.03.15; can be used to install Autumn '16 or Winter '15 branch of vDosPlus)
This is a direct continuation of the vDosPlus XyWrite 3.00 installer line. Wengier Wu's vDosPlus site is now located at www.vdosplus.org. vDosPlus is a premier virtual runtime environment for running non-gaming DOS applications under modern 64-bit as well as 32-bit Windows. The vDosPlus XyWrite installer bridges the gap between DOS XyWrite or NotaBene and the Windows environment. You supply your copy of DOS XyWrite or NB in a folder on your Windows computer and the installer takes care of the rest. The solution has advanced display support (scalable window size, crisp TrueType-based fonts, mouse wheel scrolling, transparency, etc.), bidirectional clipboard support, and print preview of XyWrite output as PDFs that can be printed on any Windows printer. The installer contains ready-to-use XyWrite/NB printer files for Letter and A4 paper sizes. Thanks to vDosPlus, using any DOS word processor is again possible. If you are not into XyWrite, vDosPlus can even run WordPerfect, WordStar, or even the Y2K-crippled MS-Word 5.0. Please note that this installer is only for DOS XyWrite-based products including XyWrite 3+ and 4, NotaBene 3 or later, and IBM/XyQuest Signature. Use the following links to download the latest generic vDosPlus installer for use with other DOS programs, or for manually updating the underlying vDosPlus engine of the vDosPlus XyWrite installer (this is normally needed only if you want to use the latest daily builds of vDosPlus):

Wengier Wu's generic (i.e. not exclusively XyWrite) vDosPlus installers (direct downloads) :
Latest build of the Autumn '16 vDosPlus installer (EXE) and vDosPlus portable (ZIP).

NEW DOWNLOADS Updated installers for GitHub vDosXy3 by catastrophicanomaly:
vDosXy 1.01 installer (aka version 2014-12-16)
vDosXy 1.11 installer (aka version 2015-04-24)
N.B. These may be of interest to some Xy3+ or NB3 users. The updated installers have new printer drivers.

Alternate download location for the vDos XyWrite installers (US):  XyWWWeb

NEW DOWNLOAD XyWrite Keyboard file documentor Two Windows programs for managing XyWrite keyboard files.
Makes planning, documenting and printing Xy and NB keyboard files easier. Widely compatible with different versions.

DOWNLOAD Compile A utility to make XyWrite 3+ or NB 3 XPL programs more readable.

DOWNLOAD DOS Additions Installing MS Virtual PC and Virtual Machine Additions for MS-DOS.
Includes installation instructions and a modified DOSADD.BAT compatible with MS-DOS.

DOWNLOAD Clip.exe Copy from and to the clipboard by Dave Navarro, Jr.

DOWNLOAD Blank virtual floppy disks for Virtual PC 2007. Use the virtual machine to fill it with data.
Very useful for setting up virtual installation floppies for DOS applications that demand a set of floppies.

XyWrite coloring schemes available from the official EditPadPro site. See how the XyWrite scheme looks in standard view and white on black.
These schemes work only with the paid EditPad Pro7. They can be further customized with its Scheme editor.

vDosXy3 vDos.exe files with version numbering support. This download contains files that have been hex-edited and renamed to vDosXy.exe to provide
support for the DOS VER command. These patched files are used in the vDosXy installers for GitHub vDosXy3 by catastrophicanomaly (see above).

CVT Avant Prime and Stellar keyboard support files:

NEW DOWNLOAD Support documents and programs for CVT Prime and Stellar keyboards as they were left behind by the now defunct company.

VirtualPC how-tos and downloads:

MS VirtualPC for WIN 7

NEW! Three Modes of Windows XP Mode - Windows Virtual PC

NEW! What is Integrated Mode in Windows Virtual PC by Ben Armstrong

NEW! Running Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7

NEW! Making the Transition from VirtualPC to VirtualBox (for Win 8 users)

MS Virtual PC 2007 (Windows Vista or Windows XP)

Virtual PC 2004 SP1 (Windows 2000 Professional SP4, Windows XP Professional, and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition)

Virtual PC Guy's Blog by Ben Armstrong, Virtualization Program Manager at Microsoft:

Installing DOS additions under VPC 2007 (for plain DOS or Win 3.1x)

NEW! Setting up a Virtual PC DOS Application by Ben Armstrong

The unofficial list of which OSes work and which don't in Microsoft Virtual PC 2004

Windows Virtual PC - Wikipedia

Virtual disk tools:

NEW! 7-Zip
Extracts contents of unmounted Virtual PC VHD and VFD files.

NEW! ImgBurn
Makes ISO images of existing data CDs or DVDs or from content of a disk folder.
Great for inputting large amounts of data into a virtual machine.

NEW! Virtual Floppy for Windows
Mounts, manages and creates Virtual PC virtual floppy disks (VFDs) on 32-bit Windows.

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